[SOLVED] Marketplace is empty

All assets are gone since at least 14:30 CET.
I guess something went wrong during an update.

Does anyone happen to know when the marketplace will be back?
It has become a very important part of my daily routine! :slight_smile:


The Marketplace site looks to be working fine on our end. Are you referring to the Monthly Free products? If so, they will be back tomorrow, Nov. 5th.

Nope, sorry. Any asset page is empty, also all overview pages.
Not a single asset showing.

Accessing any asset via google gives me empty pages. For example:

It did however work until around 14:30 CET.


I found it: It was AdGuard (my ad blocker).

ALL content for the assets seems to get fetched via AJAX, so the pages start off as empty template pages.
They then get filled by JavaScript and somehow JS got disabled / removed by AdGuard on my side…

Anyway, maybe nice to know for you as well that the marketplace website obviously does not work, not even load without JavaScript being enabled.