[SOLVED] Look Acceleration for Gamepad axis (or Keyboard keys) (Mouse Acceleration-like)

I’m struggling to find the set of nodes to use in order to smooth / delay the Look axis in general but specificly for Gamepad axis and Keyboard keys, giving it an Acceleration like there is for the movements in the Character Movement function, or like Mouse Acceleration. I tried to use Finterp, I’m sure it’s the right node but I couldn’t get the desired effect out of it for now.

Hi man,
I am pretty sure that you cant always find the perfect node to do what you want, you have to build it up for yourself.
Finterp interpolate is a node to pass from a value to another with certain speed in certain time, so if you tweak these values you could make a sort of accelleration.

The base concept here should be , change the rotation with crescent speed in time.
i would build myself a 3 variable thing. accellerationValue DecellerationValue and Rotator.
When any direction is clicked, the function just add the Rotator, even if is 0.
Separately, when a direction is clicked, you increase the rotator value adding the accelleration.
If nothing is clicked or similar, you decrease the rotator value subtracting deccellarationValue.

Okay, I solved it myself very quickly. (@Est_engine : I didn’t understand your setup idea).

For those who wonder how to make this, it’s very easy, you just need a SpringArm and make your Character Camera Child of it, activate Use Pawn Control Rotation in the SpringArm and deactivate the same option in the Camera.

Just follow this tutorial :

Understanding that Camera’s “Use Pawn Control Rotation” restricted the Camera’s rotation in the Character Blueprint also really helped.