[Solved] Landscape has black spots instead transparency whith alpha+height blending


Trying to figure out how to work with landscapes and stuck with proper blending. Right now I have two layers. The first one is set to Alpha Blend and is supposed to be below anything else. The second one is Height Blend and its texture has alpha in it where I want the first layer to be visible. However, when I paint the second layer, all places where it should be transparent it’s instead just black. Googling and reading docs (like https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/…als/index.html) states that just setting Alpha Blend for the first layer should resolve this but for some reason I still see black sports.
Basically what I want is depicted in the tutorial link above in the “Landscape Layer Blend Types” section with the rocks but apparently I’m doing something wildly wrong. The version I’m using is 4.24.1.

Here is my material setup. The green dot texture has full transparency around the dot. I’ve tried using a height map instead of just A channel but the result is the same.

Here is what I see as the end result:

Im not sure if you do not understand how this works, or if what you are trying to do is just wrong.

the layer blend is to paint layers manually, not to apply a single texture.
from your image it appears you are attempting to overlay a circular spot onto a flat texture.

That’s most definitely not how it works.
forget the textures for a moment, make color parameters, plug them in, and paint the landscape with them.
make sure those work. As just colors.

Do that, come back to this.

Now given what your result is and the sample image you have,
Can understand why the layer is painting the black image with a white spot all over the area you painted with the grass layer?

That’s also not how the height blend works btw.
The height blend takes a black and white height texture (Which yes, you could have put in your alpha channel) and uses it to “blend” the materials.

Think of it as cobble stones. each stone has a different shape and height, and you want grass or moss in its crevices around where the moss is solid - so that it looks natural. That’s where the height blend comes in.
at the edge of the 2 paints where the value is appropriate the lower portions of the material maeked by the texture are colored in first.

if you have experieexe with shaders it is ssentially it just a lerp form 0 to 1 where 0 is the grass/moss and as you get to 1 the material remains what it was.
In fact, you can recreate the behaviour with nodes by hand by just using the same base logic.

Hope that helps.

its user error. You are painting a tiling texture of a spot over and over in the area you painted.

Yes, colours work just fine as well as images without alpha. I might’ve not conveyed properly what I want :slight_smile: I don’t want just a single green dot there, I want that tilling texture with green dots (they appear white because of lighting) to be there but instead of that blackness between dots I want to see the underlying layer (which is mud in this case).

Here’s an example of what I essentially want to in the end from Heroes of the Storm:

As you can see grass blades are just on top of the mud. In other places the said grass can be visible over rocks or some other terrain layers. Well, that is my assumption that those are terrain layers and not just textures made look like that :slight_smile:

Or here’s another example from Hellblade:

So just some mud and between you can see the rocky texture. This is made with Unreal and that’s basically what I want. Maybe that isn’t made with landscapes?

With feedback from MostHost LA I’ve figure out how to do what I wanted.

Here’s a basic material setup for the required result:

And the end result:

Thanks for helping me out :slight_smile:

Thank You, Man!
This is what I was looking for for ages!!!
Paul M