[Solved] Issue with changing interact to overlap

I have a blueprint that when the player gets close to the gun, you hold the f key and it picks up the gun. I changed it to an overlap so I can just pickup the gun but it gives me an error with the overlap that I do not get with the interact.


Test if it picks up if you disconnect the destroy actor, if it works (and weapon is add but not destroyed) then it’s likely a timing issue, while the pickup logic is running on BP_Base, the actor has already been flagged for destruction, in the weapon blueprint, a delay before the destroy could fix it, ( delay of 0 will delay to next frame) but using delays is work around, better to ensure pickup logic is complete with by ensuring it all executes in order, either place destroy at end of pickup logic or trigger from BP_Base.

I solved the issue. Turns out the code was dropping the current weapon. This weapon was an interactable. Since I changed it to the overlap as soon as it was spawned it was picked back up and I was stuck in a loop.