[Solved] Is there any way to disable editor tooltips?

I find this tooltips terribly annoying, as I like to work in a distraction free environment. Is there any way to disable them?

So far I’ve found this boolean in the UDK docs, but I don’t know if I can turn it on from Unreal editor, or how to do that if possible.


I found the answer in another post.

To disable it just type “Slate.AllowToolTips 0” without quotes in the console command and “Slate.AllowToolTips 1” to enable it.

To bring up the console: Window->Developer Tools->Session Frontend

Is there a way to find this line of code in the engine folder, so it will be changed for every time I launch the engine.

Or another way to make the changes work permanently?

To disable permanently add:


to the




I don’t see Allow… option in the console…ini file

Hi Guys,

In UE5 the command has now changed to:

Slate.EnableTooltips 0
Slate.EnableTooltips 1

Enter these in the command console … 0 to turn off… 1 To turn back on.