[SOLVED] How to test Multiplayer Audio

Hey all,
So I just set up foot steps sounds for my multiplayer game and have discovered that the attenuation settings don’t seem to be working. When the second player moves, the foot steps play globally. I did a search and found…iplayer-1.html and…ml?sort=oldest But the commands listed in the answer do not exist.

I don’t want to have to load up the game on two PCs just to be able to test the audio.


They exist, they just don’t show up on the auto-complete.

They’re super useful on multiplayer game dev.

Oh ok. It didn’t seem to do anything when I typed them in. I actually noticed that a sound I had set on the player itself IS actually working with attenuation but the foot steps don’t seem to be for some weird reason. Any idea why this might be?
This is my event graph:


I’ve specified the attenuation in the cue file but I also tried using it in the override here without any luck either.

I’m still having major problems replicating audio. Anyone know of any tutorials on the subject matter? Google comes up with nothing but unanswered threads.

I’ve moved the foot step sounds over to the Anim BP of the character but they’re still playing globally. IE if I’m standing still and my friend is running around, his foot steps play in my speakers no matter where he is. I figured if I didn’t replicate anything it would just play on the local client but it’s not.

I found that the reason my footstep sounds were playing globally was because I wasn’t specifying the owning player. As soon as I added in the GetOwningPlayer node to the section in the AnimBP, it fixed the issue.