{SOLVED}How to rotate camera and player with stick

So just recently I’ve begun development on a VR game using the basic VR template, I followed a tutorial that allows for movement in the direction your HMD is pointing, using the left stick to move forward and backward, and the right stick being used to provide yaw input as seen in the screenshots below. My issue is that when moving with the right stick, the camera does rotate but the player does not, causing me to walk in a separate direction from my camera. Even after this I can rotate my walking direction by moving my head but it’s like using freeview, I have to use the right stick again to move back towards the direction I’m walking.

Blueprint for Working Motion Controls:

Blueprint for Yaw Input (What Needs Fixing):

Character Setup:


Currently the yaw input is a very basic, just as how the tutorial shows, but I’ve tried 50 different ways looking at a whole bunch of tutorials, and I’m near ready to give up. Any help would be appreciated!


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