(Solved) How to put objects into scrollbox without blueprint

How would i put objects into scrollbox without a bunch of extra code? Or am i out of luck?

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Expose the scroll box widget:


Now you have a Scroll Box choke full of Buttons. In most cases you’d be adding User Widgets rather than native elements.

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Found a solution on my own, add an invisible box via bp to set size, the rest just works

I like how the original message has nothing to do with the solution.

Adding objects to a panel vs invisible box setting size? :confused: Huh.

I was talking about the size of the scroll box, what did you think i was talking about? Though apparently i was being a total idiot and you can just anchor everything to the top left/right corner and move it around normally.

This. I thought you were adding elements dynamically. And now we’re playing with anchors, too. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you got it working, though!

I’ll admit that the without blueprint bit kept me thinking I misunderstood it all.

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The issue was everything was piling up in the top, then i realized the issue in the end was my brain. (If theres nothing to expand the scrollbox, everything will be anchored to the still tiny scrollbox)