[SOLVED] How to pass a float to numerical values in the EQS ?

Excuse me. I am planning to make a 2D game in which I have the player have a circle around him. I wanted this circle to interact with collisions so it doesn’t pass through them like this: so I followed this tutorial here: and created it with EQS. My issue is to know how to pass float values to the query so I can change the radius of the circle based on conditions.

My setup is the same as the tutorial.

Sorry about wasting your time guys and thank you :slight_smile:

I found the solution. You have to set the scale radius Data Binding to Query Parameters, then set it’s name.

Then go to your blueprint and you can set this parameter you’ve added via the “Set Named Param” node, it’s target is an EQS instance reference, which you can get from a “Run EQSQuery” node.

Thanks guys and sorry for bothering you :slight_smile:

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