[Solved] how to measure map size in km²/m²

Hi, i found a tip on another forum. as it’s useful, and handy, i’d like you to confirm if this is correct. here’s what the guy did to get the surface m²

go ortho. with middle click click on an angle of the surface you want to measure, drag to an edge angle. divide per 100. multiply by 2 (to get the m²)

is this ok

i put my terrain in the middle, and spawn a cube and move it on the edge, got the distance in cm from origin

Landscape size in quads * landscape scale. The default scale is 100 on all axis (XYZ) which means one quad 100 cm * 100 cm, which is 1 m².

Thanks. actually i just noticed that the world composition has a built in scale in the ortho view. which is very useful, and enough for now

The default scale is 100 on all axis

Scale is 100 by default on all axis.