[solved] How to add sockets in Blender?

Having a hard time finding something that should be simple. What exact objects do you place in Blender that convert to sockets in UE4 meshes?

Sockets are a UE4 editor thing. You don’t make them in Blender only in the engine.

Static meshes don’t use the same types of sockets. You have to create them in engine for it through the socket manager.

Otherwise, the empty on armatures works. But it may be preferable to just use a bone instead.
if the purpose is animating.

Figured it out:

  • add Empty >> [something] to your mesh (I used single arrows so you can see socket orientation)
  • added empty object has to be named beginning with “Socket_”
  • you can add and export them as static or skeletal mesh
  • sockets do not have to be parented to mesh in Blender

Below is a single socket at the center of a mesh with export settings. It seems preferable to have your sockets in the Blender source? If you ever have to update the mesh you would lose your sockets added in Unreal editor. (or is there some way around that?)

It is my belief that re-importing a mesh doesn’t kill any of the additional data you’ve added to the mesh. I could be wrong, though? Some data might go away? It’s been a while. Best way to find out is to simply try on a sample asset :slight_smile:

I just tried it. Reimporting a mesh:

  • preserves the sockets added in Editor (though changes order) :smiley:
  • deletes preview meshes :frowning:
  • deletes custom collision and generates new collision :frowning:

Good to know!

It only deletes custom collisions if your import settings are set to generate collision.

be aware about scale and axis orientation
here in unreal engine you got wrong scale and axis orientation



here some addon I make for that solve the issue

^ Good point. Yes, you have to set up Blender Scene Unit Scale system before modeling for Unreal. After that you will want to adjust your grid. Easiest thing to do is setup an empty Blender file with the correct settings and use it for a template.