(SOLVED) How do I add and check an Actor tag?

Hi! First of all, I would like to apologize about my english, as this is not my first language.

The things goes like this, I’m trying to check a collision between a falling block and a specific platform, in this case, the floor.

So, I have something like this:


Here I want to check the collision between the falling blocks and the bottom platform.

So, I added a tag to that platform in the actor section:


Next, in the falling block blueprint I scripted this:


And here is where everything fails, when I run the level, the blocks fall and hit the red platform, thus they trigger the “Event Hit” in the block blueprint. So, the blueprint at that moment looks like this:


If I’m not mistaken, the “Other” pin gives me a reference to the actor which triggered the “Hit” with my Blueprint Actor, in this case, it should be the Red Platform (“BottomWall”), so far, so good.

If I use a for loop to traverse the array of tags of “BottomWall” and print the values on screen, it does print the tag “Bottom”. But, when I use the node “Actor Has Tag” with “Bottom” value in the Tag Pin, it returns false.

Am I missing something or just doing something wrong? Am I misunderstanding the use of tags? Is there a better way to check collision with specific actors?

Thanks in advance!

Any suggestions to this post will be accepted as is my first one.

Do not trust the Visual Debugger to give you accurate results, there are many factors that go into what it returns.

As a rule of thumb always double check returned values with at least 2 methods if you arent getting expected results.

Try using a Print node to check the actual value of ActorHasTag node.

Well, now I feel dumb.
Thought that the debugger would give me the correct values, didn’t know about that rule.
Thanks a lot! Hopefully this can help other people who trusts a little bit too much in the debugger!