[Solved] How do I access projectile movement initial speed

I have a BP with a projectile movement. I set the initial speed and it works fine. I am trying to have it so I can access the initial speed at run time. I have a UI that will select the speed but I don’t know how to get the initial speed variable to be public. I tried what is in the picture but it doesn’t work. I figured if that would work I know how to make a public variable and use that for the speed.


I was able to fix it by the following:

I use Initial Speed as the velocity and Velocity as direction.

**Initial speed of projectile // **InitialSpeed | Unreal Engine Documentation
If greater than zero, this will override the initial Velocity value and instead treat Velocity as a direction.

When I spawn my projectile I set it’s initial Speed.


Thanks. That seems a bit cleaner. I have button setup. I am trying to have the button change the Init Speed. Would you know how to do that. I have this but it doesn’t work.

On clicked -> Set Baseball velocity …
When you Spawn the Baseball… use the init speed pin … pipe baseball velocity to it.

With the method you are trying …

Get -> Projectile movement -> Set initial speed -> Set max speed.

So I created a new variable to use in the widget

I then try to access that when I spawn it in

I am not sure how to get the target of the widget.

Post all of your code. You’re leaving out details that confuse a very simple process.

This is the widget that displays the button in game. I want to click the button and set the speed:


This is the motion controller pawn. When I click Y on the controller I want it to spawn a baseball and pitch it :

This is what I have on the baseball. Although I thought if I spawned it in the pawn I wouldn’t need any of this.