[Solved]How choose correct Event to Box Collision

Hi all! I was faced with a problem. I have a box collider, and I want to make a force inside my box collider. This force must influence my player pawn. And I use the event “On Begin overlap”. It works only when the player overlaps the box collider. But I want have a force that still works all-time player being inside box collision.

Can you send me a capture of the event (like a variable or whatever) so I can explain better (As some stuff might not work with the solution I have). And just a tip be as clear as possible for the best answers. I learned this the hard way.

Of course! Here you are my screen
Hope it’s clear that here happens

You’ll need to Tick it:

While there are better ways to communicate this, it should work. Providing your player is simulating physics, of course. And this is limited to a single entity.

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You beat me to it @Everynone

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Thank you so much!