[SOLVED] How can I make a option list for a public variable?

Hi, I am a beginner UE4 developer and I have a question that I can’t find on other site.

I’m trying to modify a value on my blueprint config panel with a variable that can deploy some options like this:

But I have made this:

How can I make a variable deploy options that I can set and then select them on config panel like the first example? Instead of having a string text and writing the option.

Thanks alot. <3

Just make your public variable of the right enum type:

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Hey! Thanks for taking the time to reply <3

Im sorry, I did not understand well what do you mean. Im really new with BluePrints. What variables are you using? By the color I figure out that are Byte Variables but my Byte variable don’t have Target option and what means the other variables?

Thanks a lot.

Ok, blueprint variables 101 :slight_smile:

  1. You have a variable for this component, put it in the graph.

  2. Pull a pin from it and search for ‘character’, you’ll find ‘character can step on’ ( assuming it has collision ).

  3. Now click on the pin on the LEFT of the SET node you have, and ‘convert to variable’

BOOM :slight_smile:

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I might be wrong but I’m under the impression OP is asking how to make a custom enumerator:

  • in the content browser:

  • double click to open and edit:


  • create new variable in the blueprint and set its type to that of the enumerator:

Do ignore me if I’m completely missing the point.


Hey! Thanks for taking your time to reply <3

Yes! That was exactly what I was searching. I’m sorry (@ClockworkOcean) If the description of my problem was poorly. There are some things that I don’t really understand how they work and I tried my best to describe it.

And it worked very well:

This is the result <3

Thanks a lot to both for helping me, I really appreciate it so much.

Cheers <3