[Solved] Houdini Heightfield to UE4 Terrain Resolution


I created an Heightfield in Houdini and exported everything as an HDA.

The Heightfield Resolution is 8192*8192.
When importing the HDA into UE4, the resolution is very poor.
The HDA is automaticly recognized as a UE4 Terrain.

Under the HDA/Landscape information, I see that the overall resolution is 2160*2160.

I couldnt find the setting to change the resolution.

Where can I change the resolution and what is the max resolution in UE4 for Terrains?

Thanks alot

For now I went the “classical” way.
Creating a Cop2Net SOP, baking out the 8k texture and using that to generate the Terrain in UE4.

But still - it would save quite some time, skipping the baking but UE4 would automaticly detect that the HF is 8k.

I got an answer from SideFX, it works perfect:

Unreal has some specific size
requirements for landscape that should
be matched for the plugin to convert
the HF properly. Any difference in
size may cause the created landscape
to either be resized, or add extra
padding data around the landscape. The
plugin will generally put a warning in
the logs when a landscape was resized
due to Unreal’s requirements.

What actually matters is the actual
point size of the HF (the number of
points), not its metric size. For 8k
for example, you will want to make
sure that your HF’s grid spacing is
set to 1, and the size set to