[Solved] Help with line drawing

I’m trying to draw a line from my character’s pelvis, everything is fine, but when I run the ragdoll effect, the line doesn’t point in the direction of her pelvis. Any suggestions?

Here it seems you’re drawing the line from the head socket along the actor’s forward vector. Perhaps that’s not the right screenshot?

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Yes, I appreciate the attention, no matter what bone I put, it always points forward, I’m trying somehow to make it point in the direction the pelvis bone faces, or in this case in tests of the head, but it doesn’t work.

What I’m trying to do is to know when the player falls forward or backward in the ragdoll effect to play an animation of getting up.

I understand now. Thanks.

It’s because actor’s forward was used, not the socket’s. If the character turns just the head to the right, the character’s orientation does not change, just the head.

In order to point along the socket’s orientation, you’d need to do something along the lines of:

Now, which vector to use would depend on how the sockets are oriented, for the default person character (whose mesh is rotated btw), the above would look like so: