[SOLVED] Help Me With - Projectile Self Collision

When firing my gun (or the base UE gun) using a physical projectile, how do I set the projectile to ignore the collision of itself / spawned instance?
If the gun is fired too quickly, the bullets collide with each other detecting a hit event, I want to ignore that actor (spawned instance) and detect the next object collided with, until it’s on the ground / destroyed. I don’t want to ignore the collision all together as that would just make it pass through any object and not detect a 2nd hit.

Help would be appreciated and thank you for your time

The Projectile BP for the FPS template uses a custom made collision channel “Projectile”. By default, the collision component’s collision object channel is set to Block all channels but Pawn - including “Projectile”. Change it to ignore.

facepalm I spaced about the response channels…I’m not using any template except for the character itself, so that channel was not an option, had to manually re-add, Thanks!