[SOLVED] Gun on the back of mannequin character is glitching

Hey all,

I’ve been following a tutorial that shows how to attach a weapon to character’s back. I’ve successfully attached an assault rifle to third person UE mannequin character, it looks great! However, when my character jumps or runs, the gun is glitching through the character mesh. It almost feels like a 2D image in the air is following my character. The guy in the tutorial doesn’t have that issue.

Any ideas? I’ve tried various settings but no luck so far.


depends on what it is that you attached.
skeletal mesh vs static.

on a skeletal mesh you can set up a Phat asset and animate parts of the gun, maybe the whole gun, allowing it to move naturally around a pivot point - which is set to whre you attach usually.

When you attach an object to a mesh, you have the ability to specify a bone as well. Attach it to Spine_02 for example.

Thanks for responding! I’m using an (child) Actor with a rifle skeletal mesh. I’ll look more into phat, thanks!

It is attached to spine_3. Looks nice when standing still but glitches when running or jumping.

Welcome to game development. Cheap solutions like simply attaching the gun to a bone will only get you so far.

I just fixed it. Parent socket field was empty. I just connected it to the socket I created earlier - BackWeapon_Socket. I’m such a n00b. :smiley: Thank you both!