[SOLVED] Error in Output Log

After run application and show window “Output log” to save debug information, UE4Editor failed.
The screenshot here

Debug information is in background.
Sorry, when I try to select text, Ooutput log and UE4Editor fail and crash.

Hey Nebiroz,

In order to assist you further, could you please advise me which version of the Engine you’re working in? Also, I also need the full error to be included in your next reply. Simply copy and paste them into a text document, and you can save them as .txt. Would you also be able to tell me what exactly you were doing before this issue occurred?

Please provide as many details as possible. Thanks!

Ok. The version of Engine is last (4.7.6), which is accessed from launcher.
It’sa full error log =)
My problem is simple. I want to output values of vector (X, Y, Z) to the screen (and to the output log) and debug information from here.
I cannot copy the text, because the I try to select the text in output log by mouse arrow, the output log freeze and I nothing to do with UE4Editor in all.

How can I describe the problem more?

Do you happen to have either:

  • A Wacom tablet connected
  • An active Input Method Editor (IME)

Both of these things have been know to cause a hang ([fixed for 4.8][1]) in the output log when copying text.


Ooohh, year. Thank you! It solve the problem. A Wacom tablen was connected to my PC… :slight_smile: