[Solved] EQS to find Water

Hi together,

i try to implement an EQS where Ai find a position with water. My problem is, that if he search, he only find the actors center and not any position of the sea/lake and to this he don´t have to go. His Finish-location have to be the begin of the lake. What can i change to solve this?

Thanks in advanced

has no one an answer for this? I have a big lake as an actor and with the EQS i search for it so that the Ai can drink or something. The EQS only find the center of that actor and not the edge of the lake.
Can anyone help please?

It should be quite simple. Make additional actor, at begin play drop it at center of lake. Then it should find edges of water (where same height as water level goes up (ie landscape builds up). Place EQS markers (that are just dummy actors) on shore every few hundreds of units (or create smarter rules that find suitable drinking spots). Then instead of seeking lake actor seek those drinking spots.

You are great. If i understood correctly:
I place an actor in that actors center and in it i can make a trace to find the edges. These points i have to set as Spots for the EQS. I think this will work.
Many thanks Nawrot :slight_smile:

So now i tested it. With only one actor is everything fine, but if i have more than one lake i get the location 0,0,0. What is wrong in this BP?

Sorry i didn´t seen the part with the EQS-Marker. With that it is really easy and yes it works. Thank you again :slight_smile:

I don’t think that is the problem of the blueprint. I suspect you are using a Behavior Tree, something must have been instanced somehow. Ensure that “Instance Sync” is disabled on your Blackboard variables.

EDIT: It seems you already found a solution but I still suggest disabling instance sync to ensure the AI don’t falter and break.

Ok thank you. I will take a look to the instance sync