SOLVED Editor freezes at startup

Hello, I recently downloaded UE 4.26 to use (first time) but it won’t open. I will open the editor and select my options, with c++ instead of blueprint, and then click finish. The editor will start loading but it always gets stuck at 67% generating code and it half crashes my pc.
I have reinstalled UE, updated vs, I have the c++ tools in vs. I can’t look up crash reports because the project doesn’t get far enough to load any in my documents. The only way I can close the editor is with task manager. I have tried multiple times to fix this problem but I cannot find a fix. My specs are definitely good enough to run it as well and everything is less than a year old so that shouldn’t be a problem.
Please someone help? I am at a loss for what to do now.

UPDATE: There is now progress in the problem, it is now stuck at 100% compiling C++ code and just freezes all processes on the pc. It also disappears from task manager so the only option then is to restart the computer which takes a long time. I have tried reinstalling all C++ redistributables and downloading more C++ tools in VS which is why it now continues until 100% I reckon.

UPDATE: I have reinstalled Visual Studio completely which seemed to have fixed the problem somehow

So you stuck on UBT window that generates the code not editor it self?

Yes, the actual editor never opens because it gets stuck before