[SOLVED] E57 import doesn't work


just downloaded the new version(RealityCapture version RC), uninstalled the old version, restarted the PC.
Installed new version, and tried to import an E57 file… same workflow as PTX import.
The process tells that something is happening, but at the end of process, nothing happend.
No LSP files, imputs are empty.

Hi Wilfried,

not all types of e57 are supported yet. If you can share your e57 with us we can add it to testing and include this type. If you can share your data with us, please write/send link to support@capturingreality.com

Currently we support only point clouds which include reference points of views - like for terrestrial lasers. If you are importing just a general point cloud it will not work.

So far we’ve tested the most used laser scanners like Leica, Faro, Riegl, and few others.

We will keep updating it!

Hello Admin,

as you asked, i send the exercise that i use to test your software.
Exported a clip box from Faro Scene LT in E57 format.
Imported in Cloudcompare for a little clean of pointcloud, and saved again in E57 format.
I have tried to reimport and resave from Scene, but the result is the same.
The file is a terrestrial survey made with Faro laserscan from a collegue.
The survey data treatement (scan data alignement)in Faro Scene are made by my collegue, unfortunately at the moment i don’t have neither the possibility nor the knowledge to make this kind of work on my own.

Thank you for your work (amazing!) :slight_smile:

I just made another attempt with an old file (10 GB), where I exported all scans (no clip box) in E57 format, and it works! :smiley:
Perhaps the problem is related to the export clip box with point cloud layer enabled?
If there is some other points to be aware of, please let me know.

Thank you

Dear Wilfried,

We will check that and patch the problem. Thanks for the data and the report.