[Solved]Destructible Mesh Help stopping object from moving

Hi there i am having trouble getting my destructible mesh being pushed around, I’m using a 90 degree top down view, i am also using the projectile from the First Person BP, The Projectile fires fine, and it douse damage the DM, which is a sphere i made in the editor and converted to destructible mesh, but when the projectile hits the DM it sends it flying, and if my player hits it it destroys it completely destroys it, what i am trying to achieve is the DM to be destroy-able but not go flying around like it is, i would also like it if my player didn’t destroy DM when colliding with it too, i tried disabling impact damage, but this makes it so my projectile doesn’t damage it also which i also can’t understand why,

here is how i have my projectile wired and can’t understand why it will not damage the actor with impact damage disable, does this not apply damage to the hit actor? just need some guidance on what i’m doing wrong or what i need to do
the DM collision is set to destructible, The projectile is set to costume, physics only no quarry, type: physics Body

Ok, so I believe that Event Hit is in your projectile.
So there is a few things to check, but let’s keep it to basic:
Check if the RecieveAnyDamage Event was fired on the DM.
Also I believe that “Other” pin on your Event Hit, is already the actor you want, don’t need to look it up on Hit Component

i didn’t realize you could create a blue print from a DM, i did this put it in my level and shot at it, and had it print a string to screen iv been hit every time the event AnyDamage is fired off, after firing one projectile, it prints the string multiple times to the screen, i have also removed the self tag from the projectile code apply damage, seem to me that my projectile is almost dragging my DM around, im going to mess around in the blue print see if i can come up with something, if you need any more information please let me know

quick update, i set my projectile to custom,
, query and physics, physic body and have it not collide with pawns so it doesn’t push the player around, a get a single iv been hit by projectile and the projectile successfully deletes itself
but the DM is not being destroyed but it is staying in place and not flying of, the only way to destroy it right now is by ramming it with the player

so after some more tinkering, i got it to where the projectile hits the DM a few chunks fly off, then stops im pretty sure read somewhere it because i have to make the DM outside of UE4 for more depth, how i got it to work below in the photo,

Increasing The Damage Threshold In the DM prevents it from breaking apart with physics an gravity on, and the damage is being applied because iv tested setting the apply point damage to over the threshold and it breaks one peace off and if its set below it nothing happens.

so all i need at this point is to be able to keep destroying the DM until nothing is left, is there a way to do this in ue4, or do i have to do it externally, i’m not aiming for anything fancy think of it as a chunk of ore you shoot until its gone, i have player around with the depth setting but this doesn’t seem to affect it at all