[SOLVED] Create Destructible Mesh is missing from Right-Click Menu...? 4.18.1

Am I the only one? I used to use this all the time and now i cannot find it for the life of me. I am sure I am right clicking on a Static Mesh. Even if I create a new static mesh I cannot find that command. It used to be that I just right click on a static mesh in the content browser and select “create destructible mesh”

Please help if you have any ideas. Am I the only one?

**** It is now an option under the Plugins -> Physics

Thank you @anonymous_user_b5b115c41

Thanks! Was wondering the same thing! <3

You have to enable the Apex Destrucion Plugin in the plugin Manager, for that you need to go to Edit → Plugin → Write in the Search bar Appex Destructible, then you enable it and restart the editor, and thats it.

Was there a big announcement about this? If it is not used why would it slow down the engine? The documentation is so disjointed to the point of annoyance now. I am halfway through a documentation topic and then realize a feature has been moved or changed. Can anyone give advise on how to find in the documentation a consistent way of going through a topic without worrying that your version is outdated half way through?

For deprecation of features, these are mentioned in the release notes for each Major Release. However, there typically isn’t any big call out there like there is with other new features. Sometimes, if the deprecated feature will get a blog post, but that just depends really on a case by case basis.

Also, when features are deprecated we try to call this out. We don’t really have any Destruction documentation other than a couple of pages for the Content Examples where I believe we added some wording. Unfortunately, the truth is that NVIDIA no longer supports APEX Destruction, so it was moved to a plugin so it could be disabled (and thus unsupported by UE4 other than crash fixes).

I’m not sure what you mean by it “slowing” down the engine though.

We can totally agree on this! We’re aware of how hard it can be to navigate or find certain topics. We have plans to address this but that will just take time. With our documentation growing as it does and with as many pages as there are available, it’s something that we’re addressing along with the way. Sometimes that can be a refactor of a section of documentation (such as the Mobile documentation recently) or that we need a better tagging system in place to make surfacing similar doc pages when looking at tool or system better overall. Again, that’ll just take time for us to do and it won’t be an overnight change.

Is there a particular topic(s) that your willing to point out? Can you recall where it was that you ran into issues and what you couldn’t find that you were looking for?

If you’re using features that have been deprecated, are experimental, or early access, we try to call these out in red warning boxes at the top of a page, but sometimes we miss some or haven’t realized that they’ve not been tagged that way yet.

Sometimes features in the engine aren’t always easy to know when they are experimental (exist but are unsupported) or early access (supported and in development like Sequencer or Niagara), however in documentation we try to call attention this fact where possible. The release notes are another resource that should be checked each release as well for deprecations or changes to existing features.

Anyways, sorry you’re having difficulty navigating some of our documentation. Also, if you have any questions or documentation issues you can post them in our Documentation Feedback section of the forums.

Additionally, feel free to shoot me a message anytime with these inconsistencies or troubles. It may not be an overnight fix, but I’ll make sure we’re aware of the issue and hopefully do something to resolve it where possible.

I’m tied back to UE 4.19 for the moment. I’d like to use APEX if possible, just to play around with destructable meshes. I try to add it in plugins, but I get that the plugin is missing or incompatible with my current engine. Is there a way to find the compatible one on the Epic site or NVIDIA’s? I’ve looked and found nothing useful. Also, for 4.22, 23, 24, etc. what does one do to create destructable meshes? Make them in Maya, etc. and import them?

Still Can’t see it in Unreal Engine 5.1