[SOLVED] Crash on texture

Anyone else seeing a crash after starting texture operation?

Hi Curtis

  1. what is your PC config = RAM + GPU RAM

  2. settings you used for texturing ? default or have changed something in settings ?

  3. crash on start, its just seconds after hitting TEXTURE button or after “few” seconds ?

Hi there,

I just had a similar problem.
Started texturing but aborted a few seconds later.
However, the cancelling process never finished and I had to kill the process manually via task manager.
Win7 Pro 64, 32GB Ram + 2 GB video.
Smallish project, only 44 images…

Having similar problem,

Whatever the number of pictures I use, the smaller area of reconstruction I choose, there is always a crash on Texture (after some calculation, probably at the end),

I have made a successfull calculation and export in the past with my very first try of the software (on dec 1 2015). I have decided to retry the software on dec 27 2015 with new photos, but with no success at all.

The application does not crash on colorize- preview quality, but crashes sometimes (almost every time) on colorize - standard quality.

Because of the crashes, I decided to change the cache folder to a drive with huge amout of space (4TB), with no more success.

i5 2500
32GB of RAM
GTX970 4GB

EDIT : I have just remade a test like on my first try with my dec 1 2015 photos, and as it did in the past, it worked very well! I wonder there is probably something wrong with my new ressources? But what? :geek:

I would really like to see this resolved. Everything else works great for me, but I get a failed message EVERY time I try.

Hi Stephen

getting crashes, can describe what sort of project you processing ?
you get say 100 mil tris mode, then you simplify it ( decimate )
and then texturize and then it crash or ?

can post a screen where can see the scene + the LEFT 2Ds window set to 1Ds

I am processing an image based modeling.
The generated model is 5.6Mtris, I used the simplify tool to reduce it to 100000, then 1000, then 10000 tris and got the same crash on Colorize. (Worked on Draft Colorize but crashed on Texture right after.)

But good news, I succeeded by making an aligment, a Preview Detail model, Texture, and finally an export (mesh+texture) succesfully imported in 3ds… The crash occurs only when I make a Normal Detail or High Detail model.

Hi Clement

When you simplify the model , hope you leave the PRESERVE PARTS on TRUE…

best if you use colorize on the original model and then simplify down for desired polycount

but if want have really good low-poly model highly recommend the Zbrush and its Decimation master, they have very optimized algo for strong decimation. But even there go with steps for final model, never go under 6% decimation there or get artifacts …
Its one of the best for “hard-surface” stuff.

Hi Wishgranter,

I am just looking into software for remeshing and my favorite so far is 3d coat.
Supposedly also good if not better on hard surface than zbrush.
Do you have any experience with 3d coat at all?

Hi Götz

Know that sw just briefly, used it 2+ years back . for direct comparison ZB vs 3D coat have not seen, but from experience with ZB is very powerful algo there.
Cna try it out what you get

Thanks Wishgranter!
Will do that…