[SOLVED] Collision between character and objects


I’m making a game when you control a car on a road and you get points for hitting other cars and objects on the road.
The cars moves forward on its own and the player just changes lanes. The situation I have is the fact that when the car hist another object it also changes direction a bit, how can i make this stop? Because it will eventually make the car exit the road.
There is a link to a youtube video to understand the situation better using the UE4 mannequin and some cubes
Link: link text
Thank you

Instead of using blocking collision, use overlapping. You did not mention what is supposed to happen with hit objects.

Or, if you want to keep the physics simulation, you could Constraint car movement direction to whichever axis you need. You can find it in the Physics panel of the car static mesh. If you Lock Y Position, the physics simulation should not be able to move the car to the sides while you can still reposition the entire actor as you please - I think that’s what you need.

Thank you for the answer. Have a great day