[SOLVED] Changing FirstPerson camera but keeping mouse movement

I started a project a few months ago that is basically architectural visualization.
You start at one location, but you can move around and, for example, go in front of the couch and try a totally new couch.

When this happens I want to switch from the MainCharacter (BP only) camera to another camera which is above the couch, and the player can move the mouse to look around.

With this tutorial I was basically able to do this, but when the camera switches there’s no mouse movement. The same with basically all other tutorials I tried.

I think the problem is that, instead of creating a new character from the beginning, I just copied the FirstPersonCharacter blueprint from the default UE4 FPS level. Here’s it’s blueprint Imgur: The magic of the Internet

So can I do this without starting a whole new project?

I have no camera in the content browser, the character camera is only visible if I open my “MainCharacter” blueprint.


In the character bp,
place a branch in the look controls execution lines
(I think the default input events are called Lookup, Turnright)
add a bool that turns on/off whenever you go from the character camera to overhead camera, attach that bool to the branches
off the other side of the branch, add a Addrelativerotation component node and set the target to the camera,
string in the same float value as the other rotate nodes have.

When I clicked this tutorial I can see that it swaps between a pawn and a camera. The controller can switch which pawn it posesses, I think you need a second pawn (that cannot move). I don’t know the function name offhand for switching pawns.


Thanks. Could you help me out on this one? I’m new to UE4 and I’m not familiar with the process you’re describing nor some of the names/nodes.

In the mean time I’ll be trying it on my own, though.

I’ll try adding pawns, and I’ll do some research on how to switch between them while keeping my controlling scheme.

It depends on the type of game but you may also find it best to just have a pawn that is camera only and have different settings for it for different positions. An actor or pawn doesn’t have to have any visible mesh though I guess bounding boxes could be an issue if you switch onto a viewpoint in a wall or something.

Thanks everyone. Turns out it’s simpler than I though.

Switching panws/cameras just doesn’t work for me, no matter the tutorial. I then was determined to try another way.

After quite a few hours of research and “trial by fire” I noticed I could just duplicate my MainCharacter BP, then with a simple test button (V) I could just possess it. When switching the characters the cameras switch instantly, so I had to research how to smooth this transition. Thankfully it only took me 5 mins to figure this out.

Here’s what’s needed:

And here’s a YouTube video demosntration of what happens

Only thing left now is to remove WASD movement from this new character.


Forgot to mention: in order to get back to the MainCharacter you need to reverse the process, but if you just copy/past the BP above and change the possess to MainCharacter you won’t have mouse movement. So do this: