[Solved] Can't map buttons on Oculus Quest

I am trying to map the input of the Y button on the left controller for the Oculus rift. According to the instructions here…/?locale=en_US

It should be MotionController (L) FaceButton2. That doesn’t exist. If I do facebutton these are the choices I have only have gamepad events face button top, bottom, left and right. What do I need to use to map this button? I am using UE4.23.4 and Oculus VR 1.41.0


I added a screen shot of what I have for Oculus


have you tried to see if back, enter or home work for that button?

So I figured this out. I had to go to project settings and input. I created a new Action Mappings called ButtonY. I then tied it to the Oculus Touch(L) Y press. I then used the input->action event -> ButtonY. This is actually really good as I can now map other buttons to the same mapping.