[Solved] Can't Jump On Other Players. HELP!

Hi, i’m making a multiplayer FPS, and when I jump on another player, my player just bounces off of their head. I’m using a character controller with a static mesh and a camera, I’ve removed the mesh and tested it, so I know that’s not the problem. What’s going on? And how can I fix it?

if its a bounce then its probably physics. try going into your character and select your movement component. then in the details panel look for the character movement physics interaction section. that section contains many options on how the character will interact with other objects. aside from that characters use a capsule collision so you will also be interacting with that. of course this is all assuming that your using a character class, you mention character controller and mesh so it may or may not be the case.

I figured it out, I just needed to turn on a check box called “actor can step up on”