[Solved]Can't Create C++ Project or laod (VS 2017 + Source and Launcher 4.17.1)

Hey Community,

like you can read in the Title, i cant creat or load any Project for 3 days.

First time when the problem occuried, was about 3 day ago what i did the day before the problem came:
I tested a Blurpeint Function Library that had nothing in it just creating it. After creating it i just saved the Project in Visual Studio and in the Editor and closed them. At the next day when i tryed to start the Project it said something about missing a Project .dll, i tryed to rebuild it and it said that it couldnt rebuild so i had to compile it manually.

What i have tryed self and what other topics had as solution to this.

  • Uninstall Visual Studio and Install it (Fully innstalled every addon,
    because couldnt find Common Tools for
    Visual Studio 2017)
  • Check for Windows SDK Version, i have 7, 8.1 and 10 so every one -
    tryed with reinstalling them
  • reinstalled Unreal Engine 4.17.1 (Launcher Version)
  • redownloaded Unreal Engine 4.17.1 Source Code from GitHub and build it again
  • checked for Systemvariables, like a Topic said.
  • compiling the project with DebugGame and Develompment Editor - solution
    from a diffrent Topic
  • removed write protection from project folder and engine folder (Launcher and Source)
  • started VS 2017 as Admin and build the project
  • started Engine as Admin and created new C++ Project

Blueprint works fine on both Source and Launcher Version
Error Log will be shown only from the Launcher Version when i try to create a new c++ project and asks me to open Visual Studio 2017, the Source Version just closes after trying to create a C++ Project and opens Visual Studio 2017.

Error from Visual Studio 2017 after trying to build the project (Launcher Version):

Error Log from Launcher Version:

Best regrads


After a long search for the problem i came up to this Answerhub, somehow Incredibuild fu**** ** everything. I havent touched it or havent done to it anything.
Link to Solution: