[Solved] Cannot see a func in a sub class for override.

Hello, i have a Class A with a func, got a Class B that inherit from A and i override the func.
I know create a Class C that inherit from B and i’m not able to override the func.
Is there something i should do for be able to do that?

Doing this in Class C will call B’s overridden function. Remove the Parent call for a full override.


Or am I misunderstanding something?

Thank you, but i don’t want to call the parent function, i want to override the func in the C class, but when i click on the override button in blueprint editor, the func isn’t shown, all func that was not overridden in the B class are here.
In your specific exemple, just override NewFunc0 in the B class and you’ll see that you wont be able to override it in the C class (or if you can, it’s something i should change in some setting somewhere) , it’s what i’m trying to do.

I’m wrong :
I tryed this exact simple thing (A,B,C) and nothing is wrong, I can override the func in C class even if it was overriden in B. So now i wonder why in my class i cannot do that. do you have an idea?
Do someone know some reasons for a func to not be shown in child class for override?

That’s precisely what the example above covers. NewFunc0 is overriden in B. I’ve put Print Strings in each function. Actor A prints A, B overrides and prints B, C can now call B’s or override and do whatever.

Are you sure C is a child of B? What does it say in the upper right corner regarding Parent Class?

In fact all is working correctly, sorry for that question and thank to you…
The probleme is that :

  • my screen cannot show me all overridable function
  • there is no scroll possible
  • when we override a func (in B) the position of this func is not at the same position in the liste of overridable function in C.
  • then i was enable to see it, but it was there.

If someone got this problem, just change the scale of the display on windows or maybe there is an option in the editor that i don’t know.