[SOLVED] camera position vs new camera active

I am wondering, How would I go about this the best way possible.

I need when the character has its back against the wall, to not see the back of the character/inside the mesh zoomed in, I want to switch to a front view.

Would switching to a new camera (which I would like help figuring out cause I cant get any overlaps to work right)


Setting the cameras position forward X amount? (which again I cant seem to get any On overlaps to work.

Any Ideas?

TBH, it’s a bit of a complex area. I’ve setup something basic but workable here.

I’ve added a second cam to the third person, it’s just looking straight down on the player

You can switch like this:


I will see how this works for me!

Anyone know why No matter where I position my camera boom, my camera clipping collision always collapses towards the center of the mesh/capsule component?

For example, in the image below, i have offset the camera boom, but when i play the game, the camera doesnt follow the boom, it clips towards the center of the characters center point, not the camera boom?

If I can figure out how to unlock this, i think it will solve my main issue.

what I am looking to achieve is keeping the camera looking over the characters shoulder when the camera starts clipping, not end up looking at the center of the meshes back/spine…

What I did was add a scene component to the capsule component and attached the spring arm to the scene component.

what is weird however is to get the camera positions right i had to nudge it down -45.

Right now it seems to be working. :FINGERS CROSSED: