[SOLVED] bundler export camera orientations are wrong

My scene in RC:


Exported registration to bundler 0.3, imported to photoscan:


I have tried both the normal and “negative Z” options with identical results.

I wonder if these are in the orientations to which the camera snaps in the other bug I posted yesterday at Incorrect orientation in “look through image” feature. It seems to be a similar orientation.

Ok after another few hours of my time wasted on this, I’ve realized that actually the exported orientations are ok, and it’s the positions that are wrong.

Details here: http://nbviewer.jupyter.org/url/files.aaroncurt.is/lomablanca/rcPoseBug.ipnb

Looks like this bug, or at least a similar one, was reported in April. [SOLVED] Bundle.out seems not ok when Model is Georeferenced

Maybe if the bug reports forum section wasn’t hidden from non-logged-in users they’d bother to fix this stuff…

yep, its the same issue. Fixed in next release. Thanks.