[SOLVED]Blueprint: Actor responds to second spin box on mouse release only.

Hi. I’m trying to set things up so my GUI and actors public variables both update regardless of if the GUI is used or the actors parameters are changed in it’s properties window.

I have two spin boxes in my “Canvas Panel” Hierarchy. The first one listed works perfectly in real time. The second one listed shows the actor updating in the editor viewport only when I release the mouse. The actor’s parameter in it’s detail panel updates in real time as expected but it doesn’t move in the viewport until I release the mouse when using the spin box.

If I reorder the spin boxes in the “Hierarchy” view, which ever one is listed first updates in the viewport in real time as expected. The second one updates in the viewport only when the mouse is released from dragging the spin box. Tried in 4.25.3 and 4.26.0

Looks like I found a fix. Both spin boxes work in real time as long as the spin boxes are not close to each other in the “Hierarchy” window.
I would be curious if someone can tell me why that is?

P.S- Really like the new Editor Utility Widget. Very powerful tool.