[SOLVED] Any way to fix spline mesh collision on cooked builds?


I have this spline mesh that generates road on runtime for my endless racing game. Everything works flawless on editor, however, when I package my game the collisions for spline mesh is gone. Simple collisions work, but I need complex collisions.

I read that this is a bug in the engine caused by “#if WITH_EDITOR” statements. Is there a workaround about this, or any update on if it will be fixed? Or maybe I am doing something wrong and if it is not a bug how can I solve this problem?

I actually wrote my own physics for the car in my game by using line traces. Line traces simply don’t hit spline mesh since there is no collision (again, works with simple collision).

I am using 4.25.


Edit: There is a bug report about this issue for 4.25. people are saying it works on 4.23 but I tried to revert my project back to 4.23 but issue still was there.

I fixed the problem by enabling “Allow CPUAccess” under General Settings for meshes that I used in splines.