SOLVED [Android]Blackscreen on Video Play At Level

hello guys i have a issue with my application , the target platform is android , the result in my android is once i started my video the result is black screen , but the editor and windows version is showing the video this is how its work then D: Drive is the Project Folder F: Drive is the Movies Folder now obb is limited to 2gb only . however if i will put all the videos directly in the project folder its will cost kind of 10 gb and will overweight the obb file only for the videos , as i informed its not acceptable , so the only way is to do it external way so that how i did it i dragged the videos from F Drive to my Project found in D drive the uasset generated in “/Content/Movie” folder , well photo will will explain better , the blueprint are simple nothing and fency.

Solved at last by myself , request to close or delete the topic whatever you want.

[USER=“1973343”]Natsuki Chan[/USER] I’m having the same issue - how did you solve this in the end?

Edit: …turns out the Android Media Player plugin had been disabled. Soooooooooooooolved.