[Solved] AI returns "Request Successful" for "Move To Location" but does not move

I have this hallway spawning these AI characters (on the left side at the dead end). As soon as they are spawned, they perform an EQS query to find their “goal” and run a “Move To Location” to get there. At the moment, I am spawning these 4 times a second. The SpawnActor node is set to not spawn if it is colliding.

As shown in the picture above, a number of these characters spawned and are moving just fine. Eventually, one will spawn and not move at all (shown standing idle on the left at the spawn location). This usually happens after there are a large number of characters between the start and end points. I had this set (for debugging purposes) to change the character’s material to this moss material (as seen above) if the “Move To Location” node returns “Request Successful” and a red material if it failed. So the move task was successful. I also confirmed that my EQS query returned 2 valid paths for each and every one of these characters.

So how can I prevent this scenario form happening? I need to be able to either prevent this scenario or rescue from it because with this chatacter sitting idle here, it effectively stops the entire show.

Spawner blueprint:

AI blueprint (1/2):

AI blueprint (2/2) :

EQS Logic:

Figured this out. Realized it was bombing out when there was 50 enemies spawned. Also one important thing I neglected to mention is I’m using a Detour Crowd AIController which has a default max number of agents of … wait for it … 50 (configured in Project Settings > Engine > Crowd Manager). I increased this and it resolved my issue.