*Solved* Adding animation notifications to a montage in 4.25.(1?)

Good day,

I’m relative new to animations and today I was working on an animation montage. However I need to add an animation notification but the Unreal documentation and all the info I can find on the internet seem to be outdated. (…ies/index.html)

How can I add an animation notification in 4.25? I have added a screenshot and need to add a montage notify to cast a particle. Could anybody point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

All right, It seemed there was just an error in the editor since I could get to the notifiers after a restart. However the option of Montage notify is not available in the notifies as seen in the attached screenshot from a tutorial. Where can I find or add these functions?

Thank you @Grot13 for pointing me in the right direction. It was indeed the solution to create a custom anim notify and now I got it all working and learned new things about animations!

P.s. I checked the tutorial to see if I missed it, but is wasn’t explained. :wink:

I’ve restarted my editor on a different tutorial projectmultiple times and have yet to see the “Notifiers” bar.

Unreal documentation and the web in general do not tell you how to open up that notifiers bar. Every reference to it assumes it’s just there, unless it’s people posting about being unable to see it.

same me to idk why its probaly in older versions ?

It would appear that the notifiers bar is relative to the actual row where created notifiers are displayed. If you try to right click on any other row, you will NOT get an option to “Add Notify”. Is this new or something? I also don’t have the older version of the notifier bar.