[Solved] actor to cursor shortcut?

Hello, i’m looking for a shortcut that would bring the selected actor to the cursor inside the level. Does such thing exist. and if not, what technique do you use to move fast an actor inside a level. Thank you

Do you mean F? Select an actor and then press F, it takes you to the actor.

nope, i’m looking at something like the Ctrl + B in Farming smulator modding software. you select an actor, then you go anywhere else on the map, you Ctrl + B and the actor ‘teleports’ to your cursor. but it’s a bit different as Farming s. has a ground level, and brings the object at ground level. while in UE4 you are into space. But i was wondering if a kind of trick existed, because moving actors by hand can be time consuming

In editor, you need to bind a key to ‘paste here’:

yep, this is what i wanted. Thanks

you can also right click on actor and snap to view. not exactly the same thing, but useful still

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OP is talking about actor placement…

Both “snap to view” and “place here” are useful for actor placement. Thanks!