Solve the Sum - Mobile Math game for children

Hi All,

Probably not the typical Unreal 4 game lol but its my first offering using the engine. Made exclusively using blueprints and following the mobile guidelines I’ve managed to get the final apk down to 38mb. Basis of the game is to help children engage with basic arithmetic using a hopefully more fun game orientated method, it is suppose to complement my other educational game Spell the Words. Number Run is probably the main challenge mode where the player gets 3 minutes and one life to solve as many sums as possible (think some adults will be challenged by medium and hard difficulty!!), other modes allow the player to test themselves against their knowledge of time tables and basic addition/subtraction and has the ability to customise sums in the freeplay mode. The game is free but is supported by some ads, I have tried to incorporate them so they shouldn’t impact game play, (and are child friendly) the exit game ad can also be disabled by the user in the menu if they wish. Any feedback is more than welcome, and I would be interested to hear how the game runs on peoples devices, especially the earlier android 4ish versions. If you think the game would of any use to parents/teachers please let them know :slight_smile:


Cute game, congrats!

Could you please share how exactly you managed to bring .apk size down to 38Mb? :eek:

Thanks beforehand!


Thanks, for the kind comments. I know this might not be much use, but I started with a total blank project with no starter content, set to mobile, scable 2d/3d. From there I used UMG for all the menus using only one material and a few material instances for the in game backgrounds, the in-game music and effects were compressed to 40%, the stars are actually from one sprite, so all the content in my game is optimised as much as possible. Once the project was then finished I went through these guidelines: ie compressing apk, removing unused plugins, dynamic points light to 0, hdr off, package-blacklist saved.
My development build then shrank from 52mb to its final 38mb for shipping.

Hope that is useful