Solutions for combining Blueprints/C++ for Base Classes

So I created a C++ class that handles a lot of data. I prefer to add components / manipulate their local location/rotation/etc. within a Blueprint Editor so that I can see everything as it’s happening and tweak it. So, I made a Blueprint Class that is derived from the C++ class. I now have a problem though. A derived class can only inherit from either the C++ class or the Blueprint Class. I want to be able to make changes to the C++ side of the Base class, have those changes reflected in the Blueprint side of that same class (which, I know conceptually, is changing the inherited qualities of the entirely different Blueprint Class), and then see modifications to either one of those be reflected in the C++ or Blueprint versions of any derived classes.

I’m assuming that this exact structure is currently impossible in UE4, but I’m wondering if there is a workflow that is similar at all. I’d rather not have to only go Blueprint or only go C++ for the programming of my base class.

My initial thought is that I would need to transfer all of my data-manipulation into an ActorComponent that is added to an Actor-derived Blueprint Class (since components don’t have a component hierarchy anyway, i.e. nothing to visually tweak).

Anybody have any other suggestions?