Solutions for a characters stats over a network?

I have a variety of stats on the Character Controller; Speed, Health, Stamina, etc. (I’m assuming that’s the best place to put them) I need to setup this character for multi-player game, and I don’t want to get too far in the setup in case there’s a better solution. I’m going to also have a character creation system as well, where you define those attributes before you get spawned into the level.

What would be the best way to store those variables so I can prevent cheating, that way each player pulls that data from an external file or another option on the server?


You should watch the network tutorial by Adam Davis on youtube. It covers just this and making it all work. Plus the first couple videos give a great understanding of networking. Basically they use the third person template and make it multiplayer, you set up health and bombs, spawn and damage pawns

Do you by change have the URL to his videos? I tried to search for him in Youtube and can’t seem to find them…

Not sure if these are the ones that Hakabane are talking about, but these are the ones I used to learn Networking and Replication: BLUEPRINT NETWORKING TUTORIALS

Thanks qdelpeche those were the ones I learned from as well

Though you could place them into the Character or Character Controller, i would also think about placing some things into the “PlayerState” class. You can set this class in the GameMode BP Defaults (it is a bit hidden)
and the “GameState” class has an array of all PlayerStates. That’s something pretty cool to keep your PlayerStates organized for a Scoreboard or something like that (PlayerState already contains Ping, Score and Name).

Thanks for the suggestions.

those videos are great but in my opinion they jump over some parts. For example I never see how to set up characters to work over network (and the spawning of them), because many of epic’s example projects are network-ready out of the box.
Would love to see additional videos about the topic :slight_smile: