Solution to my game design conundrum regarding stealth and co-op players

So some background on the game:
Players can switch between the heroes currently in their party, and each hero has various skills they must utilise in order to proceed (similar to the Lego games).

The game is intended to be playable in co-op, however one of the characters uses Stealth, which requires them to move about undetected, offing enemies silently so the rest of the group can pass, however, my issue is finding something for other players to do while the stealth character does their thing.

I’ve thought of two solutions so far:

  1. have a horde of enemies attacking the remaining party whilst the stealth character is away - this doesn’t work repeatedly obviously: “Oh look, we’re being attacked again while the stealth character is away.”
  2. have the other characters complete a separate yet related objective I.e. Slowly carrying an object whilst the stealth character protects them -but I can’t really do this constantly…

What I’m really hoping for is a solution that involves the other characters in the stealth encounter (without making the stealth character worthless). The stealth is intended to be modelled off the Armham games, for reference… Any ideas?

Well, you haven’t actually given much info on the game its self (IE: If stealth offing someone doesnt take long, I don’t mind waiting 30-60 seconds while my companion is doing something, especially if it can go catastrophically wrong and I can come in “guns blazing” - But I think the easiest thing to do here is to make my LACK of stealth useful to the stealthy person.

IE: I make some noise to attract the guards. Tie them up in combat or simply lead them away from what they’re guarding, stealth person does his thing. Exciting for all parties.