Solution found to white sky in new default level in ark editor

I was running into a problem in the ark editor that, when you open a new default level the sky is immediately a bright white color, and has no extra color to it whatsoever. After an hour or so of trying every way that I know to possibly fix it, the only way to fix it, that I have found is to go under the content browser, select the file titled “Engine”, then go to the folder titled “EngineSky”, and then open the blueprint titled 'BP_Sky_SphereOld", and then delete “BP_Sky_Sphere” in the scene outliner view. I’m not quite sure how many others have run into this problem, (My guess is not very many, based on how little I have found about this problem all over the internet,) but I just wanted to put this fix out there in case anyone else ran into it as well.
(This is also a reply to a previous question that was closed for replies. This is the link to the original post by ShadowMage016. White Sky Sphere )

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