(Solution) Fortnite crashes while launching after updating Windows in Dell inspiron

I´ve noticed that many players had suffered the same problem as i did after updating softwares in the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series; The game crashes after launching it from Epic Games Launcher. After trying a few tutorials and analyizing the problem I found a solution to it:

  1. Go to Computer management (Right click on windows icon)
  2. When the app opens choose device manager from the left list
  3. Open display adapters section and choose the graphic cards that you are using. Right click on the graphic card and select uninstall device.
  4. Go to your internet browser and look up for the driver designated for your card ( in my case its the AMD Radeon graphic driver) and install to the latest actualization.
    Try and open the game, if this doesnt work and the game still crashes try one more option to solve it:
    I don´t actually remember how i managed to get to this but you can look it up on the internet, its easy to do (im stupid and forgot haha sorry for bad english also i am from a Latin country.
  5. Look up how to uninstall recent windows actualizations on windows 10 and uninstall all recent updates; you will notice that in the app the date of the update will appear so you will be able to notice which is the update you need to erase.
    Thank you

You helped me my man, thank you so much. Thought about giving up but we playin again babyyyy <3

Please post solution as answer to your own question, also this AnwserHub is meant to be help for UE4 engine not Fortnite

Thank you so much!!! it Works!!! Just de-installing my radeon grafic card and reinstalling the driver!!! Thank you Bro!!!

Hola Yo también soy latinoamericano y te pido que me ayudes que no entendí casi nada xd o pasarme un vídeo tutorial porfa :smiley:

Thank you for sharing your findings!

For others troubleshooting this issue: you might be able to update your graphics card drivers instead. (without needing to uninstall them)

For anyone else experiencing Fortnite issues, try checking http://fortnitehelp.epicgames.com/

Hola, si queres pásame tu Skype y te muestro como hacerlo porque no tengo como grabar

Thanks so much for sharing, my game is running now. But, it now only runs on the lowest graphic settings, with major audio lags which are often 2-3 seconds behind the gameplay, essentially crippling it.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?