Solution for renaming a project upon shipping?

Hi, I’m aware that renaming UE4 projects is near impossible. However, I’m wondering if there is a way to simply rename the exe file as well as the content folder (also called the project name) and still have the game work/launch? Is there currently a solution or is it still “know what your game is called 2 years prior”


It’s not impossible per-se. I have done it before for one of the game-jams.
It’s a pain, that’s for sure.
You need to shut down the editor, do all the renaming. edit the project’s file, and hope you got it all…

There’s more to it then just renaming the folder and editing the project/ini files though.

The fastest solution is to create a new blank project, close it, and copy over the Content folder from the old named one to the new one - ofc. you’ll have to go through and re-set all of your project settings - or import those in partially as well.