Solution for Errors LNK1181 and RC1015

First off, hello fellow developers. I wanted to post this asap so I can save many of you some time in getting your project set up. I was trying to begin a new UE4 project and I kept getting error after error and the major two that threw me off were:

“error LNK1181 cannot open input file delayimp.lib”
“error RC1015 cannot open include file windows.h”

I’m running Visual Studio Express 2013 on a Windows 7 Home Premium OS and my engine build for UE4 is 4.0.2. at the time of writing this.

I spent two days trying to figure this out and the solution was simple. Here is a step by step for those who encountered the same problem(s):

  1. Under solution explorer, right click your game project and go into properties
  2. Under “Configuration Properties”, click “VC++ Directories”. In this property table you are going to select the three following directory paths and alter their search paths:
  3. Click "Executable Directories in the right table and click the drop down menu select “inherit from parent or project defaults”
  4. Click “Include Directories” and in the drop down for that one, select “inherit from parent or project defaults”.
  5. Click “Library Directories” and in the drop down, select “inherit from parent or project defaults”.
  6. Click apply and close the properties window, right click your game file again and select “build” [or rebuild]. This should complete your source file and you should be able to select it in the editor and use it.

Here is a screenshot for visualization:

If you receive a new error in your error list, I apologize, however this worked for me after 2 days of stressing out trying to build the source for my game project.

Thank you to the contributors in these threads that collectively helped me solve this issue:


I hope this helped, and I figured this would be a quicker, easier way of pinging those who are searching for the solution so it’s all in one place. I’ve been through probably 30+ threads and pages trying to figure this out.

Thanks for your time and good luck with your future endeavors.

Thank you for providing this information @thenegaverse

I’m accepting this as the answer, since that ^ is an answer. :slight_smile: