Solo Dev Seeking Guidance in Making FPS Levels. (retro style sequence of levels)

Currently I’m leaning towards making a kit of meshs for building the level in blender, then assembling them into levels in unreal. (after greyboxing, etc.) But would it be better to do this in blender and export as chunks of a map (or a single mesh for whole level even)? Or should I just combine the meshs in unreal as a new asset? What about collision?
What should I be doing in each software basically?

performance is preferable to graphical quality, but since I’m solo, I’m willing to sacrifice performance for a quick workflow/iteration time

The best thing is to make the parts in Blender, and then put them together in UE.

So, single walls, doors ( main mesh and handle separately, is you want to use them ), door frame.

In other words, ‘modular’.

You see quite a lot of people on here who have lighting problems after making whole buildings or corridors as a single mesh.

Hey there @RadMcCool! Welcome back to the community! Everyone’s pipeline is a bit different, and it’s best to go with a pipeline that suits your style best!

How I work is making all of the pieces separately and then arranging them in engine, as you can handle modularity much easier instead of having to reimport assets constantly. This is especially useful if you are going to be placing groups of assets procedurally. This way if you need to only have say the front wall of a modular building, you don’t need the whole thing. This is common practice in multiple of the studio’s I’ve worked in.

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