SolidWorks to Datasmith is error!

SolidWorks to datasmith plug-in installation error? How to solve it? It can’t be installed on several computers.

The translator could not be applied, please check if the specified translator path is valid:


Sorry but I do not read Chinese. And image translation gave me a poor result :-/

Which version of solidworks do you have?
Do you already have an exporter installed with solidworks?
Did you uninstall the old solidworks exporter before installing this one?


This plugin has not been installed. Using someone else’s new computer, no software is installed, nor can it be installed.

It seems to be the same issue that I face. After downloading the SolidWorks Datasmith plugin I click install → Run and get the error message: Error Applying Transforms. Verify that the specific transform paths are valid.

I use SW2021 and haven’t installed SolidWorks Exporter before.

Hello both, it does look like something that has been reported to me a few weeks ago.
It is in our ticketing system but we did not have time to fix it yet.

Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-137130) <= this link will become active once validated internally.

Could you both run the installation from the command line to get a log file and share it with me privately?

msiexec /i UnrealDatasmithSolidworksExporter.msi /lvx* Install.log

Hello, it has been sent to you through PM.

Noted, thank you.

@goodriver @anonymous_user_75e786b5
We updated the solidworks exporter on the download page. Datasmith Exporter Plugins - Unreal Engine
Let us know how it goes.

Yes, it works know.

Thank you very much!

thank you. It can be installed.

Hi, any update on the export version for Solidworks 2022 ? Thx for your time

ATM it is planned for updated with 5.0.3.

If by chance you have Solidworks 2020 or 2021 also installed on your machine you can run the installer. Then the installed exporter should work with 2022 too.

Thx for the quick response. Nope, i just have the SW2022. Any ATM for the 5.0.3 to drop?
Is there any easy way to modify the msi installer to accommodate the new version ? Something like Orca tool…

Just to inform, that 5.0.3 just drop a couple minutes ago including SW exporter for 2022. :slight_smile:

Yes. Always open to get feedbacks on the Exporter to improve it.